US Taxpayers Living Overseas

Make the Best of Your Experience Abroad

Services For US Citizens Overseas

  • Federal Preparation and Filing
  • State Preparation and Filing (if required)
  • Form 114 Preparation and Filing (foreign bank account or FBAR)

Why Should You File?

  • You get married to a foreign person, and you and your new spouse wants to travel to the U.S. to see your family. One of the requirements for your spouse to obtain a U.S. visa is for you to produce copies of your past 3 years of tax returns.
  • You decided to return to the U.S. You have not filed a tax return for years. What will the IRS say when you start filing returns again?
  • You made some money and you want to invest some of this money in the U.S. stock market or U.S. banks. How do you explain where the money came from?
  • You would like to return to the U.S., buy a home, and put money into bank accounts within the U.S. How do you prove where the money came from?
  • While living in a foreign country, you gain a large amount of wealth and would like to leave your wealth to your family members who are also living in the U.S. How do they explain their inheritance? What problems will they have? Could they be faced with your noncompliance penalties and taxes?
  • Passport renewal. At present you are not required to present copies of your prior years’ tax returns to the embassy to renew your passport, but with new and advanced technology could this soon be a requirement?
  • Your child wants to go to college in the U.S. He or she may need some financial assistance. Will you have to prove your income? Will you have to produce copies of your past tax returns?
  • You have not filed a tax return for years. You have met all the minimum requirements for Social Security and now you want to receive your Social Security benefits.
  • If you are working in a foreign country, you can exclude from tax over $105,900.00 of earned income. The key here is “exclude”. Before you can exclude it, you first must include it by filing a return. If you do not file a tax return to exclude the income, you risk losing the exclusion. If you lose the exclusion, the IRS can include it in taxable income.

Frequently Asked Questions We Can Answer

  1. How does the new Tax Reform or the Tax Jobs Act affect taxpayers living overseas? 
  2. Who is required to file: Federal Taxes, State taxes, and Form 114 (Foreign bank account report or FBAR)
  3. What are the filing and payment due dates?
  4. What are the filing options for first year overseas US taxpayers?
  5. How are housing benefits reported?
  6. How are gross salary and benefits calculated?
  7. How are Social Security credits earned while overseas?
  8. How are refundable tax credit earned while overseas?
  9. How are Roth and/or Traditional IRA contributions possible while overseas?
  10. How are foreign investment portfolios, pension plans, provident funds, retirement accounts, etc., reported?
  11. How many years of delinquent taxes should be filed?
  12. How many years of delinquent Forms 114 (foreign account report of FBARs) should be filed?

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